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A bathroom is somewhere you spend time every day. Unfortunately, a restroom that lacks practicality, usability, and hygiene will compromise your routine. Not only will it keep you from enjoying your me-time, but it also risks your safety. Our professional bathroom remodeling network is henceforth on a mission to transform your bathroom with its robust, unique, and efficient renovation services.

They fix leaks, optimize your hygiene, and enhance safety by installing new tiles, toilets, and the latest accessibility features. Fret not if your bathroom has deteriorated significantly. Our professionals have the expertise to undertake complicated bathroom projects and make the most out of them. Our pros build to last and are capable of making your ideas a reality. Once you enter the bathroom after renovation, you’d realize it was worth investing and entrusting in experts.

A complete bathroom remodel with wood cabinet sinks and free standing bathtub.

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What Bathroom Remodeling Entails

Suppose your bathroom tiles are chipped, your toilet leaks, and your disabled family member struggles to keep themselves safe in the bathroom. In other scenarios, you are tired of seeing the same tiles for years, or perhaps you no longer enjoy using the low-efficiency toilet installed years ago. This is when you’ll opt for a remodel that involves alterations in your bathroom’s appearance.

A professional may modify the layout, change the design, or upgrade the aesthetics. Here’s what remodeling services generally cover.

  • Installing new tiles
  • Replacing toilets
  • Adding grab bars
  • Installing new fixtures
  • Installing new vanities
  • Mounting new countertops and cabinets

Although bathroom remodeling feels intimidating because of the costs involved, the services aren’t always expensive.

You can turn to reliable bathroom renovation professionals who help create a customized plan to minimize costs and maximize utility. They may recommend other alternatives to help you build the bathroom of your dreams at an reasonable rate.

Bathroom Tile Installation

Choosing the right type of tile for the bathroom can be overwhelming. Besides the varying design and styles, a seemingly attractive tile may not always be durable. Familiarizing yourself with different tile types is crucial when considering bathroom remodeling.

  • Cement bathroom tile. This tile is found in various patterns that create an elegant-looking bathroom. They’re low-maintenance and long-lasting.
  • Glass tile. Reflective glass tiles are a timeless option for bathroom walls. However, they’re relatively fragile and require regular cleaning to retain their aesthetics.
  • Porcelain or ceramic. They are made of a clay mixture pressed into different shapes and exposed to high temperatures in a kiln. They come in varying colors, sizes, and shapes and are popular among homeowners in the US.
  • Marble. Marble is your go-to option if you seek a traditional, sophisticated, polished bathroom look. They’re also long-lasting, which is a plus. However, they may require occasional resealing to prevent stains.

Toilet Installation

Old toilet types weren’t as robust and efficient as newer models. This means replacing your toilet will improve efficiency in your bathroom. However, because toilet installation is relatively tricky, hiring a professional is critical. A diligent expert can seamlessly detach the previous toilet seat and replace it with a new one. Professional services promote quick installation, minimal interruption, and quality work, which is highly unlikely during a DIY project.

They can also recommend various toilet options to enhance your bathroom. For instance, you can choose between the following flush mechanisms.

  • Single flush. This uses a single flush to remove liquid and solid waste.
  • Dual flush. This includes two separate flushes to discard liquid waste and solid waste. As such, it improves water efficiency and cuts down on costs.
  • Touchless flush. This toilet type doesn’t feature levers, buttons, or chains but includes a motion sensor that automates flushing.

Making a Bathroom Accessible for Disabled Individuals

Whether you’re going for a complete bathroom remodel or a few minor repairs, there’s no reason not to make it more practical. You can install accessibility features for a disabled family member or an elder. Here are some features most expert bathroom remodeling contractors swear by.

  • Unobstructed entry door. Accessible bathroom doors mean widening the space for wheelchair users. They must swing out instead of into the bathroom.
  • Handheld shower. An adjustable shower caters to the needs of people with mobility issues. Consider replacing the wall-mounted shower with a handheld shower.
  • Grab bars are attached to the walls using a secure material. This lets you hold onto them in the event of slip hazards, keeping you from falling. You can install them beside the shower and toilet seat.
  • Proper lighting illuminates the bathroom adequately, allowing for hassle-free navigation. This may include the installation of overhead lights, flooring lights, or ones installed on the mirror. Some lighting options also feature motion sensors that turn on automatically when someone steps into the bathroom.

Unique Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Whether a large or small bathroom remodeling, people seek unique ideas to complement the renovation and make the most of the money spent. If you’re unsure of where to start with your bathroom remodeling project, here are a few ideas you may draw inspiration from.

  • Ditch traditional tiles. Tiles are robust and long-lasting, which is why most homeowners prefer them. That, however, doesn’t imply a paint coat is any less reliable. A fresh coat of cool-toned paint can perfectly elevate the space and give your bathroom new look.
  • Storage, storage, and more storage. De-cluttering the bathroom helps enhance its aesthetics. If you pile your hygiene products on the countertop, now is the time to consider cabinet installation. Stash away toilet paper, towels, and personal care items in the cabinet.
  • Invest in windows. Not many homeowners think about installing windows, but they can make or break the feel of a space. Consider installing new windows and adding attractive drapes to elevate bathroom aesthetics. Make sure you choose a mold-resistant fabric.
  • Add art. Wall art is an excellent way to add personality to your bathroom. Depending on your bathroom’s size, you can pick a small or large art piece. Choose one that goes with the color theme of your bathroom.

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Your bathroom is a place of relaxation and solitude. Imagine compromising your comfort due to worn-out fixtures, broken tiles, and a leaky toilet. Not only does an old bathroom look unsightly, but it also lacks functionality. You’ll know when your bathroom needs a touch-up because it’ll affect your routine. Bathroom remodeling doesn’t have to be expensive, extensive, and time-consuming – you only need to entrust your renovation project to our team of experts.

It’s time to say goodbye to your outdated bathroom and make it more functional, accessible, and convenient. Our bathroom remodeling contractors offer various services, from toilet installation to tiling walls. Many homeowners in Cincinnati have utilized our services and were delighted with the results. Our trusted services, honest advice, and quality work have helped us build a positive reputation in the industry.

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